Jul 20, 2013

Berlin in the summer - Peacock-Island / Pfaueninsel

    Two birds after which the island has its name

    Resting from all the tourist-visits

   One tower of the Castle

    "Peacock Island" (Pfaueninsel) is an island in the River Havel situated in Berlin-Wannsee, in southwestern Berlin,  near the border with Potsdam and Brandenburg. 
   The island of 67 hectares is part of the Palaces and Parks of Potsdam  and Berlin, UNESCO World Heritage Site and a popular destination for day-trippers, 
   Pfaueninsel is also a nature reserve in accordance with the EU Habitats Directive and a Special Protection Area for wild birds.  (Source: wikipedia)

      The castle with a view to the Havel

     A wedding-party on the island

Peacefully they stroll around the lawn, looking for food

The peacocks - It's a very strange behaviour when they're closing their eyes

Unfortunately no bird was showing his whole beauty with the widespread tale

   But nevertheless their colors are stunning

The Castle mirroring in a little well

Kookooo - nobody can see me!

 "I am so pretty and proud on that!"

The castle seen from the island side

Some details

The Castle from the seaside

Their beak somehow looks dangerous

But none of them were attacking me. They are used to visitors and photographers already for centuries.

Nobody seems to be here.

The bridge between the two towers

The view over the Havel

The bridge and the built-in ruins

A nice wall-painting in the back of the Castle

Flowers everywhere

Blooming in all shining colors

Marble memorial (1850) for Mademoiselle  Elisabeth Rachel Félix (1821 - 1858), a French theatre actress. 
The sculptor was Bernhard Afinger, most famous in the 19th century.

Beautiful flowers

I I 

I would love to live in that pittoresque little house

The ferry will take us to the mainland again.

Queen Luise's name can be found everywhere.

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