Jul 25, 2012

Portfolio - Around Berliner Dom

The old Palace of Republic

(built 1977 by Heinz Graffunder, demolished 2008)

TV-Tower with the every-night-birds

(1969 by Hermann Henselmann, Jörg Streitparth, a.o.)

Fountain in the Lustgarten with rainbow

(1999 Atelier Loidl)

Altes Museum Berlin: “All Art has been Contemporary Art”

(1830 by Karl Friedrich Schinkel))

TV-Tower and the Church-Tower of St. Marien

(1969) and (1292 - oldest Berliner church)

Waterplays in Berliner Lustgarten

(1999 Atelier Loidl)

Berliner Dom’s reflection in the windows of Altes Museum

(Dom: 1905 by Julius Raschdorff, Altes Museum 1830 by Karl Friedrich Schinkel)

Church St. Marien

(first mentioned 1292 - oldest Berliner church)

Waterplays in Lustgarten

(1999 Atelier Loidl)

Berliner Dom and TV-Tower

(Dom: 1905 by Julius Raschdorff, TV-Tower Hermann Henselmann, Jörg Streitparth)


Reflections on a footpath by night

Berliner Dom with double-rainbow

(1894-1905 by Julius Carl Raschdorff)

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